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The Amazing 7 Facts You Should Know About Windows 10 Before Using It

Hello Readers!
Finally, Microsoft’s last version of Windows is here. And it is considered to be the best version of the ubiquitous operating system.


‘Windows 10’ is a big step towards the Microsoft classic becoming an always-connected operating system for every device, not just PCs, which is continuously updated for free. It’ll run traditional desktop Windows apps, like Windows 7. But it will also run new “universal” apps downloaded from the Windows Store, which Microsoft hopes will become a trusted source of traditional Windows desktop programs as well.

Here, We want you people to know some amazing facts about Windows 10 before you start using it.
So here we go, lovelies:

1) Is Internet Explorer Still Around?

The answer to this is ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Internet Explorer remains a part of Windows for compatibility reasons, but it’s been replaced by a brand-new browser, called ‘Microsoft Edge’. The browser will offer all of the amenities we’ve come to expect from modern browsers. And there are a few new tricks baked in, too. Microsoft’s Virtual Assistant Cortana will drop suggestions into the address bar as you search and gather important details on business and restaurant websites into a sidebar or anything you want to search.

‘Microsoft Edge’ is yet to ‘Shine’.

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2) The Start Menu Is Back, Fellas!

The ‘Start Menu’ is Windows 10’s most desirable and obvious feature. It will please the Windows 7 users as it combines a list of programs similar to Windows 7 with one or two panels of live tiles pulled from Windows 8. You can run your traditional desktop programs from either side of the Start menu, from the taskbar. Windows 10 won’t force you to change the way you work. So, go with ease.

And you know what, Windows 10 made Windows 7 blush.


3) Cortana Is Now On Desktop and She’s AWESOME:

Cortana has travelled from Windows Phone to the desktop on Windows 10. Yes, Microsoft’s personal assistant is now on the desktop.The most Star Trek-like feature is Cortana, that competes with Apple’s Siri and Google Now, who can remember interests such as TV shows and sports teams, as well as previous questions. (Ask Cortana what she thinks of Siri and she says: “I think it’s great that we have Bing in common.”)


4) It has the ‘Minecraft’:

Microsoft has managed to surprise you with its ‘Minecraft’. Mojang – bought by Microsoft for $2.5bn in 2014 – has announced a new version of its hit game Minecraft. The catchily-titled “Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta” will be free to existing players, allow eight-player co-op play over Xbox Live, and even let you build alongside Pocket Edition players once an update hits.



5) Designed With Multiple Platforms In Mind:

You can’t actually download Windows 10 for anything but conventional PCs on release day, but the company has confirmed that in time, it will come – in various forms – for phones, tablets, the Xbox games console and even its HoloLens.

That means that, eventually, the Windows 10 user interface and features will be spread throughout the broad Microsoft ecosystem, ideally making it easier for users to jump between platforms as the task requires.


6) Modern Apps:

Windows 10 also includes a handful of new pre-installed apps. From the Weather app to the Calculator, everything has been updated with Windows 10. All of these apps are universal, meaning that they’ll offer a similar experience on the Mobile as well. And some of them are freaking awesome.

Mind it!

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7) Frequent New Updates:

As It’s not going to be the final version of Microsoft’s Windows 10, people will get pretty frequent updates. And that will definitely help in evolving, as it’s not done yet!

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So Geeks, Check out this latest trend!
Here, some quick details, I would love to share with you all:

  • Microsoft Edge is yet to shine
  • Settings is better on Windows 10, but it isn’t capable of killing the Control Panel
  • Store is finally usable
  • Xbox + Windows == Awesome
  • News, Money, Sports, Weather apps are decent
  • Groove Music is not Xbox Music
  • Photos app is slow
  • Phone Companion is pretty useless
  • People app is incomplete
  • Maps app is awesome
  • Weather app is good
  • Virtual Desktops are sweet – but does anyone use those?
    Anyways lets continue
  • Tablet Mode is good
  • Dark/light themes are missing for some apps
  • It’s fast
  • Inconsistency is still here
  • It’s not done, it’ll evolve