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23 Mortifying Moments Captured Forever That You Won’t Believe

We all have a few pictures that our moms keep of us that show our most vulnerable and embarrassing moments, but nothing compares to these photos. They make you turn red, wish you didn’t exist and maybe even that you could curl up into a ball and hide forever. These unfortunate individuals have had their most embarrassing moments captured and immortalized on the Internet forever, and they are here for your pleasure.

adult diapers

Not only are we not sure what this person is wearing, but it appears her diaper is hanging out. We feel kind of bad for her being stuck on public transportation with a fashion mishap like that!


animal karate

How does it feel to be one-upped by a dog and peed on too?


awkward kiss

This takes us back to those awkward first kisses that happened in middle school. Let’s not relive that.


beach chair

Poor guy. We’ve all had that experience where we have been stuck in a chair, whether it’s because the chair is too small or because we were too drunk to move. These gals are sweet though, because they took the time to lend a helping hand.


big baby

Someone looks incredibly comfortable, but we aren’t sure about the guy staring down the camera.


bunion shame

This is what high heels does to your feet, gals.


clinging for hope

We aren’t sure what the story behind this is, but it’s less funny and more absolutely terrifying. Let’s hope he’s okay!


crowsurfing fail

Crowd surfing is banned from most concert events for a reason.


flexible fat man

Weight isn’t a limit on how flexible you can be!


flies on butt

There must have been something there attracting those flies.


lost puppy

We think this is photoshopped, but it’s kind of cute and funny anyway.


oops i did it again

Oops, I did it again. Sorry boss!


people of walmart

People of Wal-mart. Enough said.


santas lap

Santa knows what he wants for Christmas, but he’s on the naughty list after this photo!


self tan fail

Self tanning isn’t worth the risk. Don’t put it on and run out immediately after. It will run with sweat.


slip n slide

Slip and slide fail.


toilet paper fail

This is every woman’s nightmare.


tomatoes on skin

We just aren’t sure what’s happening here. Did she did a snack? Was she cooking tomatoes? Do they have some skin benefit?


unflattering wedding photos

Too much alcohol is never cute.


walrus hiding

This creature is clearly embarrassed for everyone in this post.


wrestling fail

Wrestling, the ultimate gay sport.