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15 Reasons Single Men Should Visit Brazil

Traveling as a single man opens you up to new opportunities, meeting new people and discovering what you really want out of life. It’s also a chance to chill with close friends or do something solo. Brazil is an excellent place to adventure. Here you will find delicious food to fill your hungry stomach, amazing drinks that you couldn’t hope for stateside and gorgeous women from all backgrounds, shapes and sizes to enjoy time with. Here are 15 reasons you should visit Brazil if you’re single.

The Coast

Beach fashion lifestyle, Beautiful girl on the beach at sunset in bikini.

There is nothing like touring the beaches of Brazil. With over 1,500 options, you are sure to find a spot that will make your wildest dreams come true. Whether you want to go clubbing at night or enjoy a beach party, Brazilian beaches have it. Great seafood is available all along the coast. You will also find cheap watersports like skiing or diving. You have the option of staying near the tourist areas or saving money by venturing out to the more untouched areas.


carnival brazil

Everyone knows how amazing Carnival is. It’s the time of year where Brazil is the most crowded, but it is also full of the most sights and colors. Beautiful women wear awe-inspiring costumes and dance literally all night long. If partying is your thing, this cultural extravaganza is worth every minute of your time. Even if you go to Brazil just for Carnival, it will be well worth it. Anything and everything you could want happens during Carnival. Bigger cities have bigger parties, but smaller areas will have more intimate events. You will not just meet Brazilians, but you are very likely to make friends from around the world.

Traverse The Amazon Rainforest

amazon rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is unprecedented. This breathtaking landscape will take you on an adventure you never thought would be possible. The animals, plants, insects and foods are a rarity. The Amazon is dwindling, and now is your opportunity to explore it. You might even get a cute tour guide, too. Go prepared. You will get soaked from the humidity and water here. It is unavoidable. Make sure you put your smartphone in a waterproof smartphone case.

New Year’s Eve

new years eve

The Copacabana party that lasts all night in Brazil is one for the books. If you believe in starting off the New Year properly, this is the place to go. You won’t regret it. The fireworks, the people and the atmosphere is inspiring to say the least.

Belo Horizonte

belo horizonte

This place is the drinking capital of Brazil. If you love alcoholic beverages, try your hand at exploring the thousands, yes thousands, of bars in Belo Horizonte. You can do a bar crawl and meet sexy women and awesome new friends. It’s an adventure worth having.

Friendly People

brazilian women

Brazilians are super friendly and always excited to meet new people. The women may be intimidatingly beautiful, but they are also happy to hang out or help you with your travels. You are guaranteed to make new friends while you are here, and isn’t that what travel is all about?

Itquira Falls

The pristine falls at Itquira are some of the most amazing in the world. If you want to explore nature on your trip, these falls are not to be missed. The natural pools around the falls are a must see along the way. You can swim in them too, but don’t forget to be clean and respectful of the environment while you are here.

Noiva de Cordeiro

noiva de careiro

This popular location is unique. The women here outnumber the men, and they are mostly young and looking for love. Even if you aren’t, the hospitality is not to be missed. This small town will surely have great gems and food, kind people and memories that will last.



This metropolitan city is chic and full of luxury stores, restaurants, bars and nightclubs you won’t want to miss out on. If you are looking for a cushy vacation to one of the biggest party cities in the world, Florianopolis is the spot to go to. It’s definitely worth the flight.


cascading in brazil

Put your testosterone to use! Cascading is the thrilling sport of rappelling down a waterfall cliff. There are beginner levels if you’re a little scared, but there are also advanced levels to get your heart racing. You might throw up when you’re finished, but it will be a story to tell. Don’t worry though, there are experts to help you along the way.

Rio Scenarium


Rio is what everyone thinks of when they think of Brazil. This time is no exception. The nightlife here is unlike anything else in the world. Amazing Brazilian music will have you dancing all night – you won’t be able to stop. It is a high-energy scene for sure. You will meet great women here as well as friends who will make your experience that much more memorable – if you remember anything after a night of drinking in Rio!

Ipanema Beach

ipanema beach

Confident women in bikinis, or nearly naked for that matter, wander the beaches here. You will meet lovely ladies from around the world on Ipanema Beach. Surfing, relaxing on soft sand or drinks under a tiki hut all await you here. It is consistently rated as one of the best and sexiest beaches in the entire world. Why wouldn’t you want to come here?

Tree Canopy Tour

tree canopy tour in rio

If you like to work on your fitness while traveling, the tree canopy tour in Rio has 30 obstacles to traverse as well as a few different levels to challenge your physique. If you don’t look good, you won’t be able to catch the eye of gorgeous women in Brazil. This kind of tour opens your eyes to new things you would have missed otherwise, and it’s definitely a challenge worth taking on.



So maybe you’ve taken a capoeira class at some point, or you’ve heard about it somewhere. Capoeira in real life is mesmerizing, to say the least. This dance-martial arts style is actually a type of deadly street fighting. You can catch people doing it on the street as you explore. If you’re lucky, a Brazilian woman might teach you a thing or two about this elite fighting style.

The Pantanal


If you love animals, the Pantanal is the place to go to see all kinds of wildlife. Big cats are the main attraction, but you are likely to see tapirs and other creatures of the jungle here too. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.