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10 Unbelievable Facts During ‘The Journey: From a Tea Seller To The ‘PM’

They call him non-secular, they call him the executioner. They even went deep down digging into his past and mocked him by his profession. But this man, our respected PM stood up against all odds and marching up to his way straight to people’s heart. Yes, He is NaMo; Narendra Damodardas Modi.

From being a tea seller to the man ruling the world’s largest democracy: INDIA, has something extraordinary during his journey to success, which will make you awestruck; Let’s enjoy some of his unbelievable moments:

1) Temple Dedicated To Modi:

Yes, you heard it right fellas, a temple dedicated to NaMo, which took two years to build in Rajkot, Gujarat drew everyone’s attentions including Mr. Modi. And this dedication appalled and saddened him.